How To Become an Assistant Location Manager

How to become an assistant location manager

What is an Assistant Location Manager? 
As an Assistant Location Manager you will support the Location Managers and Unit Managers on a production.

Scouting For Locations
One of your key responsibilities will be to scout for locations. You will be expected to research potential locations that fit the production requirements, liaise with location owners and travel to these locations to take photos for the Location Manager and Director.

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How To Become a Junior Hairdresser

How to become a Junior Hairdresser

What is a Junior Hairdresser?
Junior Hairdressers work with designers and senior staff members in the Hair and Make-up Department. Junior Hairdressers will arrive on set just prior to the start of production. Although job requirements will vary from production-to-production,  we’ve put together a list of the things you can expect.

Workstations At The Ready
As a Junior Hairdresser you will be required to setup and maintain workstations throughout the production. This will include ensuring that the workstation is equipped with all the necessary tools and that at the end of each day all tools have been cleaned and are ready for re-use. You’ll also need to keep stock of the products used and assist in the purchase of extra supplies.

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Meet The Speakers: Derek McLean

Next month we will be returning to The Hospital Club, for the latest in our long-running series of TV Networking events. On Thursday 11th October we will be joined by Derek McLean, Managing Director of Bandicoot TV, who will be discussing his career to date.

Derek McLean

Derek’s first job after graduating from university was working as a lawyer in America on the infamous Death Row, a job he believes gave him a “grounding for a career in television”.

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How To Become a Script Supervisor

How to become a Script Supervisor

What is a Script Supervisor?
Script Supervisors unite the production team. They oversee all filming and ensure that each scene can be easily edited together during post-production.

Sounds easy? Think again. The majority of film and TV productions are not shot in chronological order due to huge cost and efficiency boundaries. Although, there are some Directors who have braved the logistical nightmare: Stanley Kubrik (The Shining)Alejandro G. Iñárritu (The Revenant) and John Hughes (The Breakfast Club).

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Meet The Speakers: Neil Crombie

Next month we will be returning to The Hospital Club, for the latest in our long-running series of TV Networking events. On Thursday 11th October we will be joined by Neil Crombie, who will be discussing the series of documentaries he has worked on with artist Grayson Perry.

Neil Crombie

Neil Crombie is both the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Swan Films, where he works across all of the company’s productions. He has extensive credits as a Director, Producer and Executive Producer, and is a double BAFTA-winner. Aside from his work with Perry, Neil’s credits include Executive Producer on the landmark six-part series American High School. In 2015 Neil was nominated for Best Factual Director at the BAFTA Craft Awards.

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How To Become a Hair & Make-up Supervisor

How to become a Hair and Make-up supervisor

What is a Hair and Make-up Supervisor? 
Working to production requirements, the Hair and Make-up Supervisor oversees the continuity of hair and make-up throughout the duration of the production. The Supervisor will also co-ordinate the design, application and the storage of products. Usually, they are employed from pre-production to the end of production.

Key Skills

The supervisor must be confident in a variety of hairdressing skills and techniques. Basic requirements include the ability to cut, straighten, wave and apply non-permanent colour. Depending on production requirements the Supervisor should also be skilled in applying extensions, facial hair and wig setting.

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How To Become a Wardrobe Supervisor

How to become a Wardrobe Supervisor

What is a Wardrobe Supervisor?
There are two parts to a Costume Department, the Running Wardrobe and the Making Wardrobe, all of which is overseen by the Costume Designer. The Making Wardrobe incorporates the design and creation of the costumes during pre-production. The Running Wardrobe, overseen by the Wardrobe Supervisor, includes the maintenance and organisation of the costumes during the production.

Wardrobe Supervisors manage a team of Costume Assistants, Designers, Standbys and Dailies and are responsible for the wardrobe budget. They are also responsible for hiring Costume Dressers and day workers. Consulting the continuity book, they work with the team to decide and discuss details such as which costumes will be needed for each scene and the number of costume changes per shooting day.

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