How To Become An Art Director

How to become an Art Director

What is an Art Director?
The Art Department is the biggest department in most productions, in terms of crew members, costs and workload. The Art Director leads the department by realising the vision of the Production Designer.

On feature films, the Art Director is the ‘Project Manager’ of the Art Department. Appointed by the Production Designer, they are responsible for the whole Art Department crew. On TV productions they can also handle scheduling and budgeting operations, whilst the roles of Art Director and Production Designer are often combined in smaller productions.

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How To Become a Publicist

What is a Publicist? 
A publicist is someone that is hired to represent and manage all media relationships for their client. They essentially as act as a barrier between the public, and the media. Within the entertainment industry, there is a large group of divisions that all work to promote a production. Within this large group, you will find publicists. Publicists are experts on demographics, press targeting and such like. In this article, we will be discussing the role of the publicist, and the skills you will need to become one.

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How To Become a Casting Director

How to Become a Casting Director

What is a Casting Director?

Casting Directors work closely with the Director to find the right talent to realise the artistic vision for a feature. For this reason, Casting Directors are essential to any production. The creative vision of a film, TV show or theatre production could not be realised without them. In this article, we will be talking you through the key elements of the Casting Director’s role, and the skills you will need to become one.

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Meet the Speakers: Murray Boland

Next month we will be returning to Covent Garden in London, for the latest in our long-running series of TV Networking events, offering a chance to hear from the top programme-makers behind some of the UK’s biggest shows.

On Thursday 11th April we will be joined by CPL Productions’ Creative Director, Murray Boland, who will be taking us behind the scenes of two of the company’s most significant recent commissions: Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds and The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes.

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