How To Become an Art Department Co-ordinator

How To Become an Art Department Coordinator

What is an Art Department Co-ordinator?
Art Department Co-ordinators provide daily administration and budgeting for the Art Department. This department is responsible for creating the overall look of a feature film or television show, with responsibility for designing, building and decorating the sets used for the production.

What is the job?
The Art Department Co-ordinator is hired at a very early stage in the production. They begin by collaborating with the Production Manager, deciding the Art Department’s budget and maintaining a line of communication to ensure that all costs are kept under control. Their main task is ensuring productive collaboration between crew members among set decorating, prop making, production, location scouting and construction. They will report to the Art Director and the Production Designer.

In addition to this, the Art Department Co-ordinator is responsible for scheduling build, dress and strike, all transportation and travel, shipment of equipment, and construction. On top of this, they will also be required to download, copy and deliver the necessary photos of locations and sets to the Production Designer.

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