How To Become An Art Director

How to become an Art Director

What is an Art Director?
The Art Department is the biggest department in most productions, in terms of crew members, costs and workload. The Art Director leads the department by realising the vision of the Production Designer.

On feature films, the Art Director is the ‘Project Manager’ of the Art Department. Appointed by the Production Designer, they are responsible for the whole Art Department crew. On TV productions they can also handle scheduling and budgeting operations, whilst the roles of Art Director and Production Designer are often combined in smaller productions.

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How To Become a Casting Director

How to Become a Casting Director

What is a Casting Director?

Casting Directors work closely with the Director to find the right talent to realise the artistic vision for a feature. For this reason, Casting Directors are essential to any production. The creative vision of a film, TV show or theatre production could not be realised without them. In this article, we will be talking you through the key elements of the Casting Director’s role, and the skills you will need to become one.

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How To Become A Film Director

How to become a Film Director

What is a Film Director?
Film Directors have creative autonomy over a production. The Director is the most important person in the production team. Even with the best actors and actresses, and most highly trained crew members, the entire production can fall apart if the Director does not play their part. In this article, we will be discussing the key responsibilities of the Director, their key skills, and how you can become one.

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How To Become An Editor

Become an Editor

What is an Editor?
Editors work in the Post Production team. They are responsible for meshing together the various recorded film, sound, and special effects to create the final production. Editors can work across a wide variety of productions to include, film, TV, commercials, music videos and more. In this article, we will be discussing the key responsibilities of the Editor and the skills and experience you will need to become one.

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How to Become a Camera Operator

How to become a Camera Operator

What is a Camera Operator? 
While the Director and the Director of Photography set up the mood and the style for each shot, the ones who are hands-on behind each shot are Camera Operators, who combine their technical knowledge with creative input to make sure each clip is a perfect fit for the final product.

Camera Operators work under the Director and Director of Photography and often work closely with technical departments to include sound and lighting. Camera Operators work across a variety of mediums recording moving images. They create the film for music videos, corporate productions, films, TV programmes, and commercials. In this article, we will be discussing what responsibilities you can expect from this role, and the key skills you will need to become a Camera Operator.

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How to Become an Assistant Producer

Become an Assistant Producer

What is an Assistant Producer
Coming from widely different backgrounds, Assistant Producers are experienced professionals hired by Producers and Executive Producers to help them in a variety of tasks. Often referred to as the AP, Assistant Producers responsibilities are varied, ranging from script editing to finance raising.

Assistant Producers are commonly found working on productions and are perhaps one of the most well-known roles in the industry. They can be found working across a range of mediums to include radio, film and television. In this article, we will discuss the responsibilities which fall under the remit of the Assistant Producers, the skills they possess and what it’ll take for you to become one.

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How to Become a Producer

What is a Producer?
Producers usually head up the business side of the TV or film production. They have numerous responsibilities which can include anything from the creation and brainstorming of programme ideas to the marketing of the show. In this article, we will talk you through some of the day-to-day tasks of a Producer, the skills you will need to become one, and the best routes in.

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How to Become an Executive Producer

What is an Executive Producer?
An Executive Producer is one of the most senior positions within the production team. The role of the Executive Producer can be found in both TV and film production. Usually, they are responsible for either finding the financial funds for a production or for the creative efforts. For instance, in film production, they may be responsible for attracting investors, marketing the film, or script creation.

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How To Become a Focus Puller

Become a Focus Puller

What is a Focus Puller? 
A Focus Puller is also sometimes known as the 1st Assistant Cameraperson (1st AC). The Focus Pullers works as part of the Camera Department and are responsible for maintaining image sharpness.

Image sharpness is maintained through the act of pulling focus. This is whereby the lens’ focus distance is changed depending upon where the subject has moved. Or, for example, it could be shifting the focus from one subject to another.

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