How To Become a VFX Producer

How To Become A VFX Producer

What is VFX Producer?
The VFX (Visual Effects) Producer is responsible for achieving the creative aims of the Director or Producers through the use of visual effects. It is a senior role, with a high level of responsibility running the visual effects department.

What is the Job?
The VFX Producer works in pre-production, on set, and in post-production. On set, the VFX Producer is responsible for overseeing the schedule, as well as the budget of the visual effects department. This means they are responsible for ensuring that the VFX Artists and VFX Supervisor complete work in a timely and fiscally responsible manner.

In the pre-production stage, the VFX Producer will have to meet with creative and technical executives, in order to discuss the Director’s overall visual concept. This will allow them to estimate the amount of VFX work that will be required after filming, and allow them to decide how many on-set special effects will be used. This stage of production will involve adjusting the pre-determined schedule and budget to fit in with the planned work.

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How to Become a Producer

What is a Producer?
Producers usually head up the business side of the TV or film production. They have numerous responsibilities which can include anything from the creation and brainstorming of programme ideas to the marketing of the show. In this article, we will talk you through some of the day-to-day tasks of a Producer, the skills you will need to become one, and the best routes in.

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