How to Become a Series Producer

How To Become a Series Producer

What is a Series Producer?
Series Producers, or SPs, have overall responsibility for making programmes happen. They begin work at the pre-production stage and work right through until the series is delivered for transmission. It’s a senior editorial role and particularly important when different directors are making individual episodes, as they are responsible for making sure the overall editorial and narrative structures, as well as the creative look-and-feel of the series, are achieved and maintained.

A Day in the Life of a Series Producer
The Series Producer is usually one of the first people to join a new production and they use their contacts and experience to recruit the best possible production team. They often approach Directors, Producers and Assistant Producers they’ve worked with on previous productions. A Series Producer’s team can vary in size and specialisms, depending on the type of production. They may need an Archive Producer for a history documentary, for example, or a Casting Producer to run a large casting team for a talent show, or a team experienced in live programming.

Series Producers manage the editorial team and make all the content decisions, including which on-screen contributors, such as actors, presenters or experts, should be put forward to the channel’s commissioners (who usually have the final say). They drive all research, edit all scripts and oversee filming in the studio or on location, in the UK and abroad. It’s their job to create a good working environment and they constantly communicate with everyone involved to help the production run smoothly. Series Producers also have the ultimate legal responsibilities for the health and safety of the team and anyone involved in the making of their series.

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How To Become a VFX Producer

How To Become A VFX Producer

What is VFX Producer?
The VFX (Visual Effects) Producer is responsible for achieving the creative aims of the Director or Producers through the use of visual effects. It is a senior role, with a high level of responsibility running the visual effects department.

What is the Job?
The VFX Producer works in pre-production, on set, and in post-production. On set, the VFX Producer is responsible for overseeing the schedule, as well as the budget of the visual effects department. This means they are responsible for ensuring that the VFX Artists and VFX Supervisor complete work in a timely and fiscally responsible manner.

In the pre-production stage, the VFX Producer will have to meet with creative and technical executives, in order to discuss the Director’s overall visual concept. This will allow them to estimate the amount of VFX work that will be required after filming, and allow them to decide how many on-set special effects will be used. This stage of production will involve adjusting the pre-determined schedule and budget to fit in with the planned work.

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How To Become an Archive Producer

How To Become an Archive Producer

What is an Archive Producer?
Archive Producers are a key part of the production team, employed especially for working on archive-based films. Many productions will use footage that has been filmed by someone else, and the Archive Producer’s job is to source this content, and secure permission for it to be used in the production.

What is the Job?
The role of Archive Producer will vary from set to set, depending on the film that is being made. Sometimes studios can ask for individuals with specialist knowledge of particular subject, so you may not be able to work on every production.

The role of Archive Producer will involve working with Producers and Editors to determine the archive content needed, as well as managing all selected archival materials. In addition to this, Archive Producers may be responsible for working with Assistant Editors and Associate Producers in the management of archival elements for Editors.

An Archive Producer has similar duties to an Archive Researcher, but with more responsibility.

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How To Become a Producer/Director

How To Become a Producer-Director

What is a Producer/Director?
The role of Producer/Director, essentially takes the role of director, and the role of producer, and combines them into one position. As a Producer/Director, you will be involved throughout all phases of production from inception to completion. You will initiate, coordinate, supervise and manage the creation and production of movies, television shows, commercial videos and other productions.

What is the Job?
The role of Producer/Director is one of the highest-level jobs within the film and TV industry. It’s undoubtedly a stressful job, and so only a select few can really succeed at the role. It’s reserved for those individuals who can cope with the pressure of being in charge of everything and taking responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

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How to Become a Producer

What is a Producer?
Producers usually head up the business side of the TV or film production. They have numerous responsibilities which can include anything from the creation and brainstorming of programme ideas to the marketing of the show. In this article, we will talk you through some of the day-to-day tasks of a Producer, the skills you will need to become one, and the best routes in.

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