How To Become an Archive Producer

How To Become an Archive Producer

What is an Archive Producer?
Archive Producers are a key part of the production team, employed especially for working on archive-based films. Many productions will use footage that has been filmed by someone else, and the Archive Producer’s job is to source this content, and secure permission for it to be used in the production.

What is the Job?
The role of Archive Producer will vary from set to set, depending on the film that is being made. Sometimes studios can ask for individuals with specialist knowledge of particular subject, so you may not be able to work on every production.

The role of Archive Producer will involve working with Producers and Editors to determine the archive content needed, as well as managing all selected archival materials. In addition to this, Archive Producers may be responsible for working with Assistant Editors and Associate Producers in the management of archival elements for Editors.

An Archive Producer has similar duties to an Archive Researcher, but with more responsibility.

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