How To Become a Post Production Supervisor

How To Become a Post Production Supervisor

What is a Post Production Supervisor?
A Post Production Supervisor is an individual (or a team) that helps a Producer achieve as much as possible in the edit process without going over the set budget.

What is the Job?
The Post Production supervisor oversees all aspects of the post production process. The role of the Post Production Supervisor will vary depending on the type of production and the budget.

Their main job is to provide an overall picture of what can be realistically achieved in post production.

Their role will also include making sure the Producers are aware of all of the creative and financial considerations of post production before work on the film starts.

Duties may include helping with employing staff for the edit, and supplying accurate information for the cost reports for the Production Accountant.

A Post Production Supervisor will work on production until all elements needed for the completion of the film are complete, including music and effects.

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