How To Become a Post Production Supervisor

How To Become a Post Production Supervisor

What is a Post Production Supervisor?
A Post Production Supervisor is an individual (or a team) that helps a Producer achieve as much as possible in the edit process without going over the set budget.

What is the Job?
The Post Production supervisor oversees all aspects of the post production process. The role of the Post Production Supervisor will vary depending on the type of production and the budget.

Their main job is to provide an overall picture of what can be realistically achieved in post production.

Their role will also include making sure the Producers are aware of all of the creative and financial considerations of post production before work on the film starts.

Duties may include helping with employing staff for the edit, and supplying accurate information for the cost reports for the Production Accountant.

A Post Production Supervisor will work on production until all elements needed for the completion of the film are complete, including music and effects.

Key Skills

  • Good at budgeting
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good understanding of post production
  • Ability to manage a team
  • Excellent numerical skills
  • Willingness to be dedicated to the project
  • Good organisational skills

Salary & Working Hours
The average salary for a Post Production Supervisor can vary from £30,000 to £40,000, depending on the size of the project you are working on.

In terms of working hours, these are likely to be normal full-time working hours (around 40 hours per week), but this will again depend on the size of the project you are working on, and you may be expected to work longer hours when deadlines are upcoming.

How To Become a Post Production Supervisor
The majority of Post Production Supervisors have worked in the film industry for at least four years. This is quite a high-level role and therefore knowledge and experience in the industry and knowledge is essential.

Most Post Production Supervisors start out as Runners and work up from this role. If you’re interested in gaining qualifications then a degree in art, design, film studies, media studies or another related subject could also be a good starting point.

While it is not a requirement that the Post Production Supervisor be an expert in each field, such as video, sound, and visual effects, an understanding of each process is necessary.

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Where Can It Take You?
The role of Post Production Supervisor is quite a high level role, and so regarding careers advancement, options are likely to be limited. Working your way up to become Post Production Supervisor is likely to require a lot of work and dedication, however, once you’ve accomplished it, advancement is likely to be through the opportunity to work on bigger, and more well-known projects. As you build up experience as a Post Production Supervisor, you will most likely be given more opportunities and it will become easier to get work as your network of contacts grows. This may lead to an increase in salary or other perks.

Become a Post Production Supervisor
If you are ready for the next step in your career, why not take a look at the latest Post Production Supervisor vacancies on our jobs board? You can view our latest vacancies here.