How To Become a Modeler

How To Become a Modeler

What is a Modeler?
A Modeler is responsible for creating 3D models used in computer animation and VFX. The models represent an object from all angles and give viewers the ability to digitally enhance those angles so they can better understand the object.

What is the job?
The role of a Modeler involves creating objects in 3D, which could be anything from a character to a whole environment. Depending on the studio you are working in, the role of the Modeler may be split into Character Artists and Environment Artists, or it may be a generic role in which the Modeler does both.

Modelers will work from reference, and this may include photographers, blueprints, data, and concept designs. On top of this, they will work closely with Texture Artists in order to produce models that meet the specific requirements of a VFX pipeline.

The main responsibilities of a Modeler involve creating models as briefed and then presenting these models for progress reviews to leads, supervisors and clients. In addition to this, the Modeler will have to communicate with other departments to ensure that the models they are creating meet the required standards and requirements specified. Following this, they will be responsible for making changes and updates to these models as and when requested, all whilst staying on schedule and meeting set deadlines.

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