How To Become a 3D Artist

How To Become A 3D Artist

What is a 3D Artist?
A 3D Artist is responsible for creating three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects that will be used in various ways within a TV, film or games production. It is their job to create special effects to match specific briefs.

What is the job?
The job of a 3D Artist involves using a combination of hand-drawing techniques and computer software to create three dimensional animations and graphics. On top of this, a 3D Artist is also responsible for researching upcoming projects in order to help find new ways to create designs or animations.

At the start of a project, they may also help conceptualise ideas and processes to come up with the best plan of action. Then, towards the end of the project, they will receive feedback from directors, clients, or other animators and they will make several alterations before the final design is approved. This aspect of a 3D Artist’s role with involve meeting with clients, designers and directors to review projects and deadlines and agree on a timeline for the project.

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