How To Become a Rigging TD

How To Become a Rigging Technical Director

What is a Rigging TD?
A Rigging TD (Technical Director) is responsible for creating digital skeletons for 3D computer-generated models. They work to program these digital skeletons so that they move in a realistic way, and this is then used by Animators as a basis for their character’s movements.

What is the job?
A Rigging TD will work closely with a Modeller, whose job will be to draw a 3D computer-generated model in a static pose. This is then passed on to the Rigging TD who will program this to move in a realistic way. The Rigging TD may also receive the facial shapes and expressions of characters and it is their responsibility to work out how this character moves when they perform different expressions such as smiling.

From here, Animators will test rigs and then provide feedback to the Rigging TD, who will complete any requested adjustments. This process will continue until both the Rigging TD and the Animators are happy with the final result.

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