How To Become a VFX Supervisor

How To Become A VFX Supervisor

What Is a VFX Supervisor?
The VFX Supervisor has overall responsibility for the production of visual effects on the film or TV project that they are working on. It is up to them to make sure the technical and artistic quality of the finished shots is of the standard agreed on with the Director and other production staff.

What Is The Job?
A VFX Supervisor is brought into a film or TV project at its earliest stages. They will work directly with the project’s producer and director as they go over the script and sort out the VFX needs for every shot. As a VFX Supervisor, you must understand and interpret the Director’s intentions, and at the same time be conscious of the project’s budget constraints. You’ll work in collaboration with the Post-Production Manager on tasks such as budgeting, planning and client relations.

The VFX Supervisor will be involved in all stages of production; pre-production, filming, and post-production. In pre-production, the VFX Supervisor will prepare the visual effects production breakdown, and will be responsible for anticipating problems, as well as tackling any present issues as they arise. On top of this, they will play an active role in participating in visual effects production breakdown, and will also have the opportunity to recruit and manage production teams. Due to the fact that so many shots of a film or show must be oriented around the VFX, having the VFX Supervisor involved in pre-production can save time and make the visual effects process much more efficient.

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How To Become a Matchmover

How To Become a Matchmover

What is a Matchmover?
A Matchmover is the bridge between 2D and 3D. A Matchmover is responsible for match moving, which is a technique that allows the insertion of computer graphics into live-action footage.

What is the Job?
Match moving has become a standard visual effects technique in almost every case where live-action materials and computer-generated imagery are combined. It allows real and virtual scenes to be seamlessly merged together, to make them appear as if they are from the same perspective.

The most basic duty of a Matchmover is to match a CG camera to a live action camera, as well as matching animated objects and characters to real-world objects and characters. This is done by object-matching and tracking the movement of a camera through a shot so that a virtual camera can reproduce identical motion through the use of the latest match moving software.

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How to Become a Lighting Technical Director

How To Become a Lighting Technical Director

What is a Lighting Technical Director?
A Lighting Technical Director (TD) is an essential member of the CGI team who adds surface qualities to objects, through adding depth to sets and characters with shadows, as well as light to provide illumination that helps accentuate the mood and emotion of a scene.

What is the Job?
As a Lighting Technical Director, you will be responsible for ensuring effects look as good as possible with the available resources. It is also your duty to write tools to facilitate lighting and shading rendering techniques, to ensure that shots can maintain the highest standard and continuity as required.

Lighting Technical Directors often work from references, such as paintings, drawings, photographs and film, as well as actual objects and locations. On top of this, they will work with a variety of different departments, such as art, digital paint and lighting, and will work in a variety of different stages of production (but will spend most of the job in rendering).

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