How To Become a Render Wrangler

How To Become a Render Wrangler

What is a Render Wrangler?
A Render Wrangler is responsible for monitoring and controlling the rendering process within the production of computer animation. They can work on animation and VFX projects from the pre-visualisation stage until the project is delivered for compositing.

What is the job?
The role of Render Wrangler involves controlling the rendering process for a few computers or sometimes hundreds of machines, depending on the environment you are working in. Render Wranglers monitor the computers to ensure that input and output of data across various file systems flows smoothly, as well as initiating data movement to allocate disk space in an efficient way.

As a Render Wrangler, you will have to communicate with various artists across different departments. When artists submit completed data for rendering, the render wrangler prioritises work and allocates machines. From here, they will monitor those machines to ensure that there are no technical or computer problems that could impact the success of the final output.

Data that is submitted by artists and from other departments must be managed and prioritised in order of importance by the render wrangler. Therefore, organisation is a huge part of a Render Wrangler’s duties, including; managing materials as they come and go, naming files when necessary, allocating to servers, and processing them for transport to other facilities. If a problem is discovered, it is the responsibility of a Render Wrangler to write a report on the issue and make recommendations to the artist.

Key Skills

  • Good communication skills
  • Independent problem-solving
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Ability to manage workloads
  • Ability to work well in a team, as well as independently
  • Able to meet strict deadlines
  • Computer programming expertise
  • Knowledge of the latest 3D packages and other applicable software programs

Salary & Working Hours
There is no average salary for a Render Wrangler but as it is an entry-level position the salary is likely to be quite low compared to more senior roles within the sector. In terms of working hours, these are likely to be standard office hours, but this will depend on your workload and the studio you are working for.

How To Become a Render Wrangler
To become a Render Wrangler, a degree is not required, and appropriate training is enough. Despite this, many Render Wranglers are likely to have degrees in computer science, computer animation or any variety of computer or art degrees. In terms of knowledge, it is essential that you have programming expertise and have knowledge of the latest 3D software packages, as well as other applicable programs. Therefore, a good starting point are training courses that provide you with these skills, such as online courses or short courses. In addition to this, it is wise to build up experience in a related area, which could be through internships, work experience, part-time jobs or volunteering.

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Where Can It Take You?
As an entry-level position, becoming a Render Wrangler can be a great starting point for those desiring a career in computer animation. Working in this role, you can expect to receive directions from a variety of superiors and work with many different individuals in all CG departments. From here, you may get the opportunities to move to a more supervisory role or another role within the CG department. The skills acquired as a Render Wrangler are likely to allow you to progress to a variety of other roles within the animation industry.

Become a Render Wrangler
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