How To Become a Post Production Runner

How To Become a Post Production Runner

What is a Post Production Runner?
A Post Production Runner is an individual who is on hand to help out in the edit suites and around the building at a post production facility. They help out with all aspects of post production.

What is the Job?
Post production facilities are the places where film and TV dramas are edited. They can be independent companies or part of a large studio. Post-production companies often employ Runners to take care of the most basic daily tasks in their facilities, to ensure that operations run smoothly. In exchange, Runners have the opportunity to get the industry experience that they need to progress to more advanced roles.

Post Production Runners, as mentioned, will do a lot of basic tasks, from cleaning, to making tea and arranging meals. They also sometimes work on reception, answering the phone and ensuring that guests and clients feel welcome.

In addition to this, Post Production Runners will often have administrative duties, which can vary from labelling files, filing notes, printing, photocopying and distributing material. They are also often in charge of delivering and collecting packages.

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