How To Become a Casting Assistant Producer

How To Become a Casting Assistant Producer

What is a Casting Assistant Producer?
A Casting Assistant Producer (Casting AP for short) is an individual who assists in the casting of actors or other contributors for film and TV productions.

What is the job?
The role of Casting Assistant Producer involves assisting with the process of finding actors for a film or TV drama, or on the factual side, contributors or interviewees who will be featured.

When working on drama, comedy or entertainment productions, it is the job of a Casting Assistant Producer to help Producers and Directors to cast actors that fit the character brief, who have the relevant skills and experience, and who are available for filming. It’s also important to ensure that the actor’s fees aren’t over the production’s budget. The role of a Casting Assistant Producer will vary depending on the size and budget of the production that they assisting on.

One of the main duties that a Casting Assistant Producer does is reading the script and creating a list of possible actors for any roles. It is then their job to call agents and check for actors’ availability and whether they would be interested in the role. In addition to this, a Casting Assistant Producer will help out with screen tests, operating the camera and providing other help throughout casting sessions.

Casting APs will also work on factual productions, where the role involves finding contributors to feature in the production who have the relevant life experience or situation to fit the subject matter. In these cases, the job can involve extensive research and information gathering, to ensure that the individuals fit the brief.

Additionally, a Casting Assistant Producer may also be asked to assist with general office duties such as answering the phone and answering any enquiries. On top of this, they will usually be responsible for editing and uploading footage from casting sessions for the Producer and Director to watch back.

Work on casting a film usually lasts no longer than ten weeks, and therefore as a Casting Assistant Producer, it is important to be continuously on the lookout for your next job.

Key Skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good organisational skills
  • Solid computer skills
  • Knowledge and passion for TV and cinema
  • Able to network
  • Ability to operate cameras
  • Good editing skills

Salary & Working Hours
Usually, a Casting Assistant Producer is employed as a freelancer by a Casting Director, although it can be possible to work on a permanent basis in larger production companies. The pay for a Casting Assistant Producer is usually around £135 a day, or £700 per week, but this will depend on the size and budget of the production you are working on.

How To Become a Casting Assistant Producer
There are no specific qualifications that are required to work in casting. Instead, the most vital aspect is making sure you have a wide range of knowledge of film and TV productions. As a Casting Assistant Producer, it’s important that you stay up to date regarding new and established actors. Most Casting Assistant Producers are graduates with an interest in acting and casting, so getting a degree, whilst not required for the role, may provide you with the experience, knowledge and skills that you need.

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Where Can It Take You?
After working as a Casting Assistant Producer, you will have had the opportunity to build up experience of working with actors and making connections with new actors. From this, you may be given the opportunity to work as a Casting Director, which will provide you with more leadership and responsibility in the casting process. Acquiring casting credits on feature films is highly important for progression as a Casting Assistant Producer. However, this can be difficult as Casting Assistant Producers are not usually credited, but once you are offered more responsibility you should be able to build your reputation.

Become a Casting Assistant Producer
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