How To Become a Costume Supervisor

Become a Costume Supervisor

What is a Costume Supervisor?
Costume Supervisors support the Costume Designer. Costume Designers play their role by, designing, creating, buying or hiring all the costumes to be worn by the cast. As a result, it is not often that the Costume Designer has time to be on set. This is where the Costume Supervisor comes in.

During pre-production, Costume Designers go through scripts to identify the characters and the relative pieces of clothing, taking into account the level of emphasis they want to put on a specific character and developing a costume which fits their emotional status. Ordinarily, the Costume Supervisor will assist with and help create a catalogue which details which costume will be required for each scene.

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How To Become a Costume Buyer

How to Become a Costume Buyer

What is a Costume Buyer?
Costume Buyers are responsible for purchasing the clothes required for a production. Reporting to the Costume Designer, they are expected to source all of the required materials needed to bring a character to life.

Costume Buyers work to the brief of the Costume Designer. This brief can vary dramatically depending upon whether the designer is designing original costumes or sourcing existing articles.

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How To Become a Wardrobe Supervisor

How to become a Wardrobe Supervisor

What is a Wardrobe Supervisor?
There are two parts to a Costume Department, the Running Wardrobe and the Making Wardrobe, all of which is overseen by the Costume Designer. The Making Wardrobe incorporates the design and creation of the costumes during pre-production. The Running Wardrobe, overseen by the Wardrobe Supervisor, includes the maintenance and organisation of the costumes during the production.

Wardrobe Supervisors manage a team of Costume Assistants, Designers, Standbys and Dailies and are responsible for the wardrobe budget. They are also responsible for hiring Costume Dressers and day workers. Consulting the continuity book, they work with the team to decide and discuss details such as which costumes will be needed for each scene and the number of costume changes per shooting day.

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