How To Become a Development Producer

How To Become a Development Producer

What is a Development Producer?
A Development Producer is at the front of the development team (or on their own in a small independent company), and is responsible for bringing stories to life, in order to generate revenue for the company by securing commissions with broadcasters.

What is the Job?
The Development Producer has to have the creative ability to come up with new ideas, or to help develop other people’s ideas. However, they also need to have business knowledge and drive as they are responsible for pitching to commissioners who are often hard to please. The Development Producer has to know the idea inside out and must be prepared to answer any questions and queries at the pitch.

If the Development Producer fails to sell the idea in the pitch meeting, they will have to think on their feet and they must present alternative suggestions. Put simply: if the pitch isn’t a success, the company risks not securing any commissions, and therefore not making any money!

The Development Producer is also responsible for being aware of what commissions their competitors are winning and it’s their duty to keep up with the latest TV trends, whilst also trying to predict new trends and spot potentially successful new ideas. They work with Executive Producers and sometimes have help from Assistant Producers, depending on the size of the development team.

Key Skills

  • Good writing skills
  • Ability to carry out research
  • Experience in production
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to pitch ideas and present
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to take on new ideas

Salary & Working Hours
The average salary for a Development Producer is £53,000. However, salaries can range from approximately £42,000 to £60,000.

Working hours can vary from job to job, and will also depend on the projects you’re working on at the time. Most companies offer flexible hours, however the extent of this depends on whether you are working independently or within in a production company.

How to Become a Development Producer
While there are no specific education requirements to become a Development Producer, any degree in production, film, and other related areas will be useful.

Becoming a Development Producer will require you to gain experience in lower level jobs to gain knowledge of the industry and the pitching process, and this will also allow you to develop contacts in the industry.

Most larger development teams will have Development Assistants or Development Assistant Producers, and these offer the lower level entry route to becoming a Development Producer. If you can secure such a role then, over time, the responsibilities you are given should grow. As with most jobs in this industry, the most important thing is the quality of your work.

In order to become a Development Producer, it’s wise to be constantly brainstorming potential ideas in case you are asked to suggest something new.

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Where Can It Take You?
Becoming a Development Producer is a fairly high ranking role. The more recognised you become as a development producer, the more likely that your work will be successful and commissioners will want to take it on.

Become a Development Producer
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