Get People Caught In Your Own Web(site)

Get people caught in your own web(site)

Since we launched the fantastic new upgrades to your membership, we have had a great response, in particular, to the inclusion of your own website.

It’s a fantastic way to showcase your profile and as its part of your PB package, saves you lots of dosh on running and maintaining your own site.

But are you utilising it to its full potential? Here are a few key reminders of getting the best out of it:

Make sure you add the URL to your email signature and business card – it increases the potential of production companies contacting you.

  • Your website can be accessed by anyone at anytime.
  • Employers and colleagues do not need to be logged into PB or be active members to see your site.
  • Your website can be searched via the various search engines in the usual way.
  • The content displayed replicates your internal PB profile so there is no need to write duplicate information.
  • You’re in control! If for any reason you want to go incognito, you can use your Privacy Settings to restrict the information people see about you.

As always, the PB team are on hand to take you through any questions you may have on this great new facility, so give us a bell if you need profile and set up advice. Give us a call on 0845 496 1418 or email

Be A Show Off…Or Not

Be a Show Off…or Not

Since the recent media hosting upgrade, all members now have an external webpage, as well as their ProductionBase profile.

By default, these external profile pages are set to appear in internet searches, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. This is great for people who want to show their profiles to people who are not members of PB, as you can give the link to anyone, or add it to your email signature for example.

However, if for any reason you would like your external profile NOT to appear in searches conducted via search engines, then please follow these simple steps to remove it from public domain.

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You’re Now The Media Host With The Most

You’re Now The Media Host With The Most

Last week saw ProductionBase launch an array of fantastic new upgrades to your membership. If you missed some of the marketing emails and other missives (well done you), we have PB’s Joe Mahoney to take you through what is now on offer:

I hope you will forgive me for taking over this spot to espouse the fantastic new media hosting service that was launched last week.

Here at PB Towers, we have been feverishly working away to create some fantastic new features that we hope will go down a storm with you. Or, failing that, will at least make you feel that we haven’t just been swaning around the office of late, fiddling with our keyboards, idly looking at exotic holiday destinations with shimmering views of palm trees, white sandy beaches and trying to decipher the ingredients of elaborately made cocktails (we usually would but it’s the school holidays and prices are sky high).

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