You’re Now The Media Host With The Most

You’re Now The Media Host With The Most

Last week saw ProductionBase launch an array of fantastic new upgrades to your membership. If you missed some of the marketing emails and other missives (well done you), we have PB’s Joe Mahoney to take you through what is now on offer:

I hope you will forgive me for taking over this spot to espouse the fantastic new media hosting service that was launched last week.

Here at PB Towers, we have been feverishly working away to create some fantastic new features that we hope will go down a storm with you. Or, failing that, will at least make you feel that we haven’t just been swaning around the office of late, fiddling with our keyboards, idly looking at exotic holiday destinations with shimmering views of palm trees, white sandy beaches and trying to decipher the ingredients of elaborately made cocktails (we usually would but it’s the school holidays and prices are sky high).

It’s very competitive in media land and we feel that the more shiny special things we can add to your profile the more you will look truly irresistible to your fellow professionals and employers alike.

So, what have we done then? Well, I’ll tell you.

First up, you get your very own external webpage – which you can share with colleagues, employers or social sites for maximum exposure. Now there’s no need to pay expensive hosting fees and having to constantly update your own website – you now have a new state of the art site that’s entirely yours to use and abuse (try not to show any abuse, of course – it can put people off their lunchtime sarnies).

Media hosting for all – yep, as standard membership, you can now upload up to 3 minutes of media with a 1GB capacity – your bestest video clips, stills and audio for all to see. If 3 minutes isn’t enough then you can take up the massive 4 hours upload package on offer (with a mighty 2GB) – there’s really no excuse to not show your work off.

All your clips are linked so they’ll appear on more company searches.

There’s more…

You can create and share playlists and thereby spreading the love even further. You don’t need to be an IT developer to be able to use it either – we tried it on our mums and got the thumbs up. The dads were a bit rubbish though.

We’ve added a Like It function which will remind you of how good your profile is by fellow members and whether you actually have any friends. I’m sure you have – we can always pretend to be your friends and click on the Like It feature if your numbers look embarrassingly low.

And I haven’t mentioned the brilliant high quality video and HD player. Ok, job done.

You see, we have been busy.

We hope you enjoy these great new features and if you need any help or advice on using them, just give the (uber) friendly PB team a tinkle and we’ll gladly talk through you anything you need to know. But don’t ask any us any maths questions. We don’t like those.

We would love to hear any feedback that you have on these changes. So if you have something to say, please get in touch with the team on