60 Seconds With Endemol’s Chloe Samwell-Smith

60 Seconds With Endemol's Chloe Samwell-Smith

You have been at Endemol for a number of years. How has your role of Talent Manager evolved in that time?
I started in HR at Endemol in 1999 and one of my first jobs was typing response letters to people who had sent in CVs! Technology has moved on drastically since then, and we now have an online database, so that’s been a big improvement. I would say that the role has become more challenging over time, because the talent pool seems to have shrunk and it seems harder to find available people that fit the bill.

How did you become a Talent Manager? Was it a chosen career path?
I started as HR assistant and my role evolved into a Talent Manager role. Having studied psychology at University, working with people was hugely important for me, so I feel very lucky to have this role.

We understand that have a new addition to the Samwell-Smith household – congrats! Your time management skills must come to the fore?
Yes, indeed. As a mum of three, you are constantly juggling and good time management skills are essential! Some days can be challenging, but with a good support network anything is possible. I do think mums and dads make great employees, as they are usually very focussed at work and used to getting things done quickly. Parents are constantly problem solving, and those skills are particularly useful in TV.

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What Production Companies Say About PB

Want to know what production companies are saying about ProductionBase? Here’s some of our recent feedback from companies using PB:

Endemol“Productionbase has been an indispensable recruitment tool ever since it’s launch.  Endemol UK uses Productionbase for advertising production positions to ensure a diverse selection of talent when recruiting and it is an excellent backup for our own database. Its members are of a high standard and when we are recruiting at very short notice or looking for a specific credit and immediate availability, it is often our first port of call.“
Chloe Samwell-Smith, Production Recruitment Manager, Endemol UK

4Talent“In my role at Channel 4 to train and develop the freelance community I use Production base to keep track of current trends and network with the community. I find Production base easy to navigate and accessible to all which is an important not only for me but other Talent Managers in the creative sector.”
Jo Taylor, Head of Learning and 4Talent, Channel Four

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