Let Your Criteria Be Known!

Let Your Criteria Be Known!

When posting a job on PB, let your 3 most important prerequisites be known. You can ask freelancers up to 3 Yes or No questions that they must answer before sending their application. Setting criteria questions will assist you in filtering the most relevant applicants and will also deter those without the necessary experience from applying.

We’ve been encouraging freelancers to only apply for jobs that their qualified for and it seems to be paying off. Over the last 30 days 85% of employers received fewer than 50 applications per job posting. Email us your job posting today and we’ll gladly post it for you – get in touch with the team on info@productionbase.co.uk.

What Production Companies Say About PB

Want to know what production companies are saying about ProductionBase? Here’s some of our recent feedback from companies using PB:

Endemol“Productionbase has been an indispensable recruitment tool ever since it’s launch.  Endemol UK uses Productionbase for advertising production positions to ensure a diverse selection of talent when recruiting and it is an excellent backup for our own database. Its members are of a high standard and when we are recruiting at very short notice or looking for a specific credit and immediate availability, it is often our first port of call.“
Chloe Samwell-Smith, Production Recruitment Manager, Endemol UK

4Talent“In my role at Channel 4 to train and develop the freelance community I use Production base to keep track of current trends and network with the community. I find Production base easy to navigate and accessible to all which is an important not only for me but other Talent Managers in the creative sector.”
Jo Taylor, Head of Learning and 4Talent, Channel Four

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Research, Empathise, Relate

Research, empathise, relate

Whether you’re applying for a job or scouting for work, it’s essential that you do your research. If it’s a production company, a knowledge of their programming and overall mission is essential. How can you empathise with this and how can you relate to the work they do? In doing this you could also consider their competitors and the content that they produce, what makes this company appeal to you and how can you help the company achieve its goals? Adding personal opinion or comment will hopefully make you more memorable (and for the right reasons), engaging with a company and the work that they do can only benefit you in your application. Remember, stating what you can bring to the table is paramount.