How To Become an Animation Producer

How To Become an Animation Producer

What is an Animation Producer?
An Animation Producer is an individual who takes on the role of Producer for an animated film or TV series. The Animation Producer is responsible for ensuring the final end product is produced on time, and within the budget allocated.

What is the Job?
The job of Animation Producer involves acting as the pathway for communication between the executives who run a studio, and the creative individuals who are actually making the animated product. Therefore, it is the Animation Producer’s job to budget and control the costs of making the production, in order to keep the executives happy but also to ensure that the creative individuals are able to make a final product that meets their expectations.

The Animation Producer is usually the highest ranking individual who is actually available day-to-day on a production, and therefore anything that goes wrong is seen as their responsibility. They will have to discuss any problems that arise, or any budgetary issues that the company has, with the executives. It is up to the Animation Producer to ensure that the final product is not delivered late, and is not over budget – and if it looks as if it will be, it is their job to fix things.

The Animation Producer’s job is more about managing people, as opposed to having to be creative and artistic. Despite this, it’s still important to understand animation as you will likely be in charge of those carrying out artistic tasks. Ultimately, it is the Animation Producer’s job to make sure that the final product is actually produced to match the brief and budget provided.

Key Skills

  • Ability to take on a lot of responsibility
  • Good at managing people
  • Knowledge of animation
  • Ability to budget and manage finances
  • Good time management
  • Good communication skills

Salary & Working Hours
The role of Animation Producer is typically well-paid, however this is to compensate for the stress and responsibility that as an individual you will have to deal with.

How To Become an Animation Producer
Whilst there isn’t a clear path for becoming an Animation Producer, having extensive experience in the field is vital, as this is a relatively senior position. Several years of experience working in a more junior position within the sector will almost always be required.

As with most jobs in this field, starting out in an entry-level position such as Production Assistant, or taking an internship, is a great way to get started. Roles such as this provide an important training ground for those who need to develop their skills and build their experience in the industry.

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Where Can It Take You?
As an Animation Producer, you are already fairly high in terms of career advancement. However, as your reputation as an Animation Producer grows, you may be given the opportunity to work on larger productions that will attract more attention and have bigger audiences. Furthermore, it may be possible to progress towards becoming an executive if desired.

Become a Animation Producer Today
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