How To Become an Edit Producer

How To Become an Edit Producer

What is an Edit Producer?
The Edit Producer helps to co-ordinate the edit through working with the editor(s), and relaying information from other producers working on the production. They can also be involved in writing the script.

What is the Job?
As an Edit Producer, you will not work on location. The role starts at a later date, as they supervise the edit process. Sometimes, the Edit Producer is brought in to work from the edit suites, if the show is being shot and cut at the same time.

As the Edit Producer is not normally on location, they act as a fresh pair of eyes when it comes to editing. This is helpful with ensuring the scene is portrayed in the way it was meant to be. As an Edit Producer, you must constantly ask the question “how does this scene move the overall story I am telling, forward?’. If it doesn’t move the story forward, it is your responsible to recognise this, and remove or re-cut it.

Key Skills

  • Strong story telling skills.
  • Ability to work well with other people and cooperate.
  • Creativity.
  • Good communication.
  • Confidence and initiative.

Salary & Working Hours
The average salary for an experienced Edit Producer is £53,000 per year.

How To Become a Edit Producer
To become an Edit Producer, there is no clear pathway. However, a good way to get started is seeing if you can get internships, work experience, or part-time jobs working in a post production house or on a film set – even if its just assisting! The more contacts you get with the people in the industry, the more chance you have of getting a full time job.

It’s likely you’ll start off in lower entry level jobs, such as Camera Assistant or Edit Assistant, which will allow you to showcase what you can do, before moving on up the ladder.

Latest Edit Producer Jobs

Where Can It Take You?
As an Edit Producer, you may have the opportunity to progress and become a Producer or Director. Often, it’ll be about what you showcase, and what you bring to the company. The industry is a creative one and so if you show that you’ve got the skills required, career progression is possible!

Become a Edit Producer
If you are ready for the next step in your career, why not take a look at the latest Edit Producer vacancies on our jobs board? You can view our latest vacancies here.