What To Expect After You Finish Film School

What To Expect After You Finish Film School

As spring term approaches, you are probably getting ready to kick-start your career. Here’s some advice that might help you make your way out there in the “real world”.

As people more experienced than you have already told you, getting your first job can be very hard, and starting to progress further in the industry can be even harder. Film and television are networking-based industries and as, presumably, you don’t have many connections yet, prepare for a slow and often tedious start.

Most industry professionals will advise you to find some work experience as quickly as possible, in order to start creating your network and putting some credits on your CV. Many say that it should not matter if your first experience is an entry level role at minimum wage. However, having your mind set on what you aspire to and what specific path you want to follow should help you select only the opportunities that are right for you.

In fact, be careful not to settle for anything that you feel is not taking you anywhere or that makes you hate working in film. Everyone has to make their own way up the ladder: be careful not to remain stuck at the first step.

As most jobs in the sector work on a freelance basis, word of mouth will be an essential instrument throughout your career. However, when you’re starting out, your best resource is the internet: upload a showreel or a portfolio if you have one, get involved in online communities, apply to any opening that suits you and send as many applications as you can. Make sure your credits, previous experience and education are well visible to anyone that visits your online profiles and take advantage of the variety of web platforms dedicated to film and television which offer plenty of career opportunities.

Transitioning from the academic to the professional environment is often the hardest part of one’s career path, so do not be discouraged by early disappointments: it might take time and a lot of energy, but if you are passionate about what you want to do and talented enough to impress just one employer, it will eventually get easier and your efforts will be finally rewarded.