Are You Sure You Fit The Bill?

Are you sure you fit the bill?

PB often spot checks applications made through the site, mainly to make sure that they are being received correctly and that employers are viewing them. From time to time, we come across applications which clearly fail to meet the requirements of the job posted.

The most common complaint from employers is that they feel their time is wasted sifting through unsuitable applications. When applying for a job on PB it’s crucial that you address the specific requirements of the job and it’s even more crucial that you can relate that to your actual experience or work to specific requirements. We recently posted a position for a Historical Researcher and the employer was shocked that previous applicants considered a GCSE in History to be adequate experience.

It may seem obvious, but read the job description fully and ensure that you address the needs of the employer detailing your relevant skills and experience.

Your Community, Your Voice

Your Community, Your Voice

Networking has always been a key industry activity – a route to securing your work schedule and reputation within the industry. PB has always been here to support this and there are several ways you can interact and share your views and opinions with the PB community and we encourage you whole-heartedly to get involved!

First-up is PB’s member forum, the Watercooler. Newcomers often say they feel intimidated or too scared to post, but don’t let the more aggressive posters put you off! The Watercooler is a great way for you to seek advice from those in the know and is the perfect stage to share your own experiences and wisdom, whilst subtlety marketing yourself at the same time.

We’re also currently seeking members to write suitable and relevant blogs for us, so get in touch if you have something interesting that you’d like to share with the PB community. If you enjoy a challenge, we also welcome pitches for the lead Word of Mouth feature article which is distributed to over 30,000 members. Want to get involved? Drop us an email outlining your interest.

Keep Up To Date With Recent Commissions

Keep Up To Date With Recent Commissions

Every week we update our Recent Commissions page with the latest TV and film projects that have been given the go ahead. This information can be an invaluable guide to freelancers wanting to gain an insight into what’s currently in development and the productions that have been recently given the green light. It’s also very useful for finding out which companies will be looking to staff up over the coming weeks .

If your production has been recently commissioned, please let us know, and we’ll share the news with our members.

Research, Empathise, Relate

Research, empathise, relate

Whether you’re applying for a job or scouting for work, it’s essential that you do your research. If it’s a production company, a knowledge of their programming and overall mission is essential. How can you empathise with this and how can you relate to the work they do? In doing this you could also consider their competitors and the content that they produce, what makes this company appeal to you and how can you help the company achieve its goals? Adding personal opinion or comment will hopefully make you more memorable (and for the right reasons), engaging with a company and the work that they do can only benefit you in your application. Remember, stating what you can bring to the table is paramount.

Working For Charities

Working for Charities

With the state of the industry being what it is, many of you may be looking for a little something to give your CV a kick, or just a productive way to spend some free time. So why not try something that gives you both of these, as well as some good karma.

The Media Trust offer media professionals the chance to utilise their skills for good. Not only will this look fantastic on your CV, but it will also give something back. Roles range from mentoring young people, to sharing your experiences at live talks.

Have a look at the Media Trust website for more information, and to sign up!

Give Yourself Credit

Give Yourself Credit

At PB we have noticed that quite a few members have opted not to fill out the Credits section of their profile, opting to complete the Employment History instead. Credits and Employment History should be used differently. Make sure you detail all of your broadcast credits in the dedicated credits section, all of your other general experience should be detailed in the Employment History.

Entering your credits in the appropriate section will allow you to be found by employers who use the Credit Search. That’s why credits should be entered here rather than in your employment history. If you have a video clip to accompany the credit why not detail it in the additional info section of your credit, so that employers can see the finished masterpiece!