60 Seconds With Keo Films’ Ciara Spankie

60 Seconds With Keo Films' Ciara Spankie

How long have you been a production coordinator at Keo Films?
I have worked at Keo for exactly 2 years.

Have you always wanted to pursue a career within the television industry?
I studied Marketing at university, however I always had an interest in media. My first job was a production secretary for a broadcaster in Glasgow and I’ve never looked back since. I love the film and TV industry!

What preparation did you do for your interview at Keo?
It’s always important to do your research – that meant reading up on what Keo’s flagship programmes were, and recent commissions. I spend a lot of my spare time watching documentaries, so I believe it helped I had a passion for this genre of film making Keo are known for.

You have recently worked on ‘The Century That Wrote Itself’. What was the first major project you worked on at Keo?
When I first started at Keo there were, of course, projects in various stages of production. However, BBC2’s Terry Pratchett: Facing Extinction, was the the first project I worked on from day one. This film followed on from the Bafta and International Emmy award winning film Terry Pratchett: Choosing to Die so it was a great privilege to work with Sir Terry and the same production team.

You also worked on ‘Skint’ for channel 4. What kind of preparation and research went into producing this?
This was a really interesting production and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a very demanding and often stressful time for the crew, and it was important I touched base with them everyday. I also spent a lot of my time negotiating filming access in local supermarkets, bars, and other retail outlets.

What would your advice be to other aspiring Production Coordinators?
Find out what interests you – whether its gritty documentaries or studio game shows, and just go for it. Jobs often snowball and shape your future roles so it’s important you have passion and energy for what you’re doing.

Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years’ time in your career?
At Keo of course! The company really invest in their staff and have put me on numerous training courses over the past 2 years. I plan on working my way up to being a Production Manager and Keo are helping me do this.

You are based in Glasgow – what advantages do you think there are for production companies that have offices outside London?
Having offices outside London allows companies to gain nations and regions commissions. It also opens up opportunities tapping into new film making resources and involving talented freelancers from around the country.