60 Seconds With ITV’s Liz O’Neill

60 Seconds With ITV's Liz O'Neill

How did you start working in the HR department at ITV?
I originally applied for a position as an Assistant in the HR Pensions team on the ITV careers page and worked within ITV for a year before moving into the new in-house Recruitment team as a Co-ordinator, to support a new team of six.

Is talent recruitment a career you always wanted to pursue?
Not initially, as I didn’t really know what it entailed. However, since joining the in-house Recruitment team at ITV I love talking to and meeting people, which is the key part of the job, and as a result I would like to develop my career further within recruitment.

How many job applications do you get through in an average week?
Each Recruitment Manager looks after around 20-25 roles, and on average we receive anything between 30-400 applications per role.

How important is it for people to include cover letters with applications?
It is important to attach covering letters for a position, as every role is different and most hiring managers request to read them.

What is a typical day like for you?
No day is the same here at ITV, however an average day can consist of taking briefs, writing ads, screening CV’s, shortlisting applications, arranging interviews, meeting and greeting candidates, offering roles, drawing up contracts and providing feedback to candidates.

Are there roles that are harder to fill than others?
Yes we do have some really niche roles that are harder to fill than others.

What ITV shows have you recruited for recently?
I have recently recruited roles for Text Santa and This Morning. We are currently recruiting for Daybreak and Lorraine this Friday.

What has working at ITV taught you about the TV industry?
Working in the TV industry has taught me that as a company it takes a great deal of commitment, dedication and determination to help us to achieve our transformation goals. At ITV we go the extra mile to ensure that our hiring managers and candidates are provided with an exceptional service and ultimately our goal is to employ the best talent, which contributes to ITV being a one of the greatest places to work.

An HR question back to you: where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I am currently developing my skills to become a Recruitment Manager within the team. I look to achieve this goal within the next couple of years as I wish to further my career and stay within Recruitment.