Top Tips On Writing Your CV

Top Tips on Writing Your CV

It’s around this time we start telling ourselves that we’re going to get off our backsides and start looking for that new job. And as we know, this year will be as tough if not tougher than last year so it’s essential to market yourself, your skills and experience as effectively as possible.

Following a few simple steps can make the difference in your CV standing out from the crowd and putting you in pole position to be called for that all important interview.

I’ve read many a CV over the years and it still comes as a surprise at how careless people can be with their most valuable document, the ‘passport’ to that job.

Here are some key pointers in knocking that CV into shape:

  • Keep it to a maximum of 2 pages – with good editing you’ll surprised how much you can get in, even for seasoned veterans.
  • The font size should be 11 or 12 point in Arial or Calibri as these are easy to read.
  • No photos of yourself please – you may be gorgeous but if it’s a role behind the camera you want, then it’s simply not necessary.
  • Lay it out in chronological order with your credits listed in reverse order.
  • Be concise – write short sentences and avoid paragraphs.
  • Target your CV to the job you’re applying for – don’t take a scattergun approach.
  • List additional skills such as editing, driving licence, foreign language, scuba diving qualification – it could tip the balance in your favour over someone without these.
  • Bad spelling and grammar stands out a mile and will immediately go to the reject pile. Re-read it dozens of times and always use spell-check.
  • Don’t fib. It’s an incestuous place in telly land – lots of people know lots of people and in turn know lots of people…so you’ll be found out.