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Breakthrough Media Network Ltd

Breakthrough Media Network Ltd

Elizabeth House, 39 York Road, London, SE1 7NQ, United Kingdom
5-10 Employees
Online, Radio, TV


Breakthrough Media produces factual content for TV, radio and online. We're a start-up with production offices in London and Nairobi and primarily produce thought-provoking films for UK and international broadcasters. Our recent project 'Mayor of Mogadishu' was broadcast on Al-Jazeera English, SVT Sweden and VRT Belgium.  Our latest project, 'My Olympic Dream' follows four Olympic hopefuls in Pakistan and Afghanistan and explores whether or not their faith has empowered them to succeed.

Public Engagement is at the heart of our programming, to this end many of our porjects are supported by outreach capaigns which include global screenings, live debates and social media engagement.

We're growing rapidly and looking for creative, ambitious and experienced individuals who share our passion for story-telling.