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Production Manager


We are looking for a Production Manager for a project beginning EARLY MARCH. The position will be working remotely as well as attending shoots in our Shoreditch Studio. It will be important to be London based or within the vicinity. The project is producing content as part of a TV show for a large US network. This is a branded content project and therefore experience in branded content is preferred. What you'll do -Break down, track and report budgets across multiple, simultaneous productions. -Hire crews and contractors, and negotiate rates of pay across multiple productions. -Negotiate costs and approve the booking of resources, equipment, and suppliers, locations. -Administer crew paperwork, time cards, and invoices. -Manage reconciliation of spends including credit card expenditure via Concur software. -Responsible for all travel and accommodations for the production including but not limited to, flights, trains, cars, hotels, etc. -Make any travel itineraries and locations packets to inform crew. -Manage all production associates from production coordinator to production assistants. -Be available on-call should any issues arise from production complications, including on weekends. -Notify the line producer of any potential production issues regarding budget, insurance or safety. -Creates call sheets and production reports for every shoot day as well as any incident reports regarding shoots for insurance. -Files for permits and specialty insurances regarding any shoots. -Acquires COI's for locations from our insurance broker where necessary. -Keeps track of all safety of crew members on location, managing Covid safety as paramount. -Heads clearances for any production regarding location, appearances, materials, etc. -Creates a production shoot bible for all pertinent shoot information and final accounting documents for audit. -Official point of contact for all company related matters on location. What you'll bring -Enthusiasm for production and a love for solving problems -Experience with google drive & sheets/excel -5+ years relevant professional experience, on reality tv, broadcast or large budget digital projects. -A smile. We like those around here. -Excellent written/verbal and analytical skills. -Excellent time management skills and ability to work collaboratively. -A passion for the company and a positive, upbeat attitude!

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