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The role Our small, growing team is on the prowl for an experienced producer to be responsible for the planning and execution of multiple video projects from the pitching stage all the way through to delivery. We're not looking for a "video producer" to operate a camera; we're looking for a rock-solid master of organisation-a project manager-to keep everything and everyone on track. Once assigned a project by the Production Director, you'll be responsible for managing every aspect of production and be accountable for the success of each project. No pressure, eh? After working with the client service and creative teams to prepare and sign off a project budget, timeline and accurate scope of work, you'll lead preproduction with the assistance of a production coordinator. You'll ensure that all the elements of a project come together whilst coordinating the status of all your current projects on our project management platform and keeping everything accurate and up to date. You'll maintain the quality and peer review of all documentation and deliverables within the project. You'll hand-pick key members of the creative team (be that from our in-house team or selecting freelancers and other companies to work with) and you'll handle the casting process. You'll approve locations and negotiate fees, hire studios, lock shooting scripts, prepare production schedules and ensure the necessary health and safety and insurance paperwork is handled after identifying and managing risks. When required, you'll use your knowledge of Clearcast/BBFC/CAA guidelines to get swift script clearance for broadcast/cinema. As the restless guardian of a project's budget, you'll track and highlight potential overruns before they occur and be expected to manage any scope creep whilst maintaining the client relationship, making sure client value for money is balanced with our need to make a profit. During production, you'll attend shoots (sometimes jumping into a 1st AD role when required) to keep everything running smoothly and fire-fight any unforeseen issues. You'll manage and schedule post production, working with our in-house team to pull together the edit, grade, graphics and sound whilst overseeing all aspects of workflow to smash those tight delivery deadlines. As well as getting projects from start to finish, you'll help develop and maintain relationships with clients, old and new. About you You're all about organisation. The world of calendars, spreadsheets, post-it notes and to-do lists? That's your happy place and you don't care who knows it. Do your friends and family always rely on you to make plans to get everyone organised? Then you're probably the kind of person we're looking for. Nothing gets you more excited than a well-put-together spreadsheet. You probably keep a detailed cash flow for your personal finances because a) you're a nerd like that, and b) guesswork is inefficient and chaotic, right?! You're switched on and focused. Always. Getting. Shit. Done. You're not afraid of long hours and you welcome pressure from all angles. Whether it's smashing out an accurate call sheet, categorising expense receipts, chasing up a local council for a filming permit, or making the teas, you won't sulk when someone asks you to do something you don't want to do; you put 100% into any role that's thrown at you. You thrive on communication. You can write concisely and with a strong voice, without typo or delay. You'll spot a pesky double space or disgusting use of the wrong "your" from a mile away while screaming internally because you're a stickler for detail. You have an insatiable curiosity and lust for knowledge about all things video, web and social. We'll do everything we can to help you improve and hone your skills, but you'll have a lot of independence, so we expect you to always be learning and making the most of the opportunities presented to you. That's just the kind of people we are and want you to be; a hard-working, sparkling personality that will mesh well with the existing Storm & Shelter family. We love smart people with a dash (sometimes a dollop) of quirkiness. Required At least 4 years of experience in a client-facing project management role. Have extensive experience of working with the range of disciplines required to deliver effective video content. Solid understanding of film production requirements and best practice. Excellent people skills-one of those humans that gets on with just about anyone (and has impressive negotiation skills as a result!). Experience with project management platforms (Asana, Streamtime, Basecamp etc). You're a master of collaborative documents (Google Docs and Sheets), with an ability to quickly learn new software and processes. You'll need to be numerate and financially literate. A full driver's license. You'll need to be able to travel at short notice. Not awful at making a cup of tea. Truly unforgivable. Nice to have A relevant degree. Speaks for itself. Experience with editing software and knowledge of codecs and exporting assets. Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud software. Able to speak/read/write in the Welsh language. What we're offering This position is an important one for us; you'll be releasing our founders to get on with the job of growing the business and taking us to the next level. We're still a young company, so we can't offer the big bucks, but we need your experience and drive to help make this the best video production company around, and you'll be getting in on the ground floor. To tempt you into the trenches with us, we'll consider releasing equity (a percentage ownership of the business) depending on your experience, alongside a competitive salary. We'll also throw in a MacBook Pro, 28 days paid holiday per year, and we'll contribute to a proper grown-up pension scheme. Gotta plan for your future, y'all! We're pretty flexible in terms of hours. We officially work 9-5, but it's a fairly loose rule. We're often on shoots that go on well into the early hours, which naturally triggers the need for a lie-in. We're not monsters. If you need to leave early for your death metal band's gig in Plymouth or that cheese-tasting session that your grandma booked for you for your birthday, as long as your work gets done on time, we won't stop you. Due to the nature of what we do, however, you'll be expected to work some evenings and weekends, as well as short periods away from home. We're a big fan of doing things that make us better. You can expect to have time set aside for personal development, access to the latest technology, be sent to courses and conferences and be working alongside a talented, friendly (if not slightly deranged) bunch of people. --- If you're ready for the job, you'll know that's what it takes to do it well. We're looking for someone who has the skills, experience and personality needed to organise some very talented, strong-willed individuals. Convince us why we should hire you!

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