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Animation Supervisor (Feature Animation)


The Animation Supervisor is the primary technical and aesthetic resource within the Animation Department. They should ensure that the artists in their team use consistent methodologies to deliver the highest quality work on time, on budget, and in a sustainable way. The Animation Supervisor should be passionate about creating high quality Animations have the necessary experience and expertise to lead and mentor a team of Animators. Creative and Technical Responsibilities * Delivering creative realisation to the VFX / Animation / CG Supervisor and ensuring creative continuity across a Show * Interpreting the creative vision of the VFX / Animation / CG Supervisor and providing a clear creative brief to each artist * Presenting and selling work to the VFX / Animation / CG Supervisor * Providing creative and technical leadership, support and feedback for the crew * Managing approval statuses for Animation submissions * Attending department and show Production Technology meetings * Delivering the output of the department to the required quality standards with a view to continually raising the bar * Adhering to consistent department workflows and processes * Staying current with Animation department pipelines and workflows * Maintaining a good knowledge of anatomy and muscle dynamics * Continuous self development * Maintaining department documentation Contributes to: * Strategies to improve operational efficiency on an ongoing basis * Developing tools, technologies and workflows to deliver the highest quality work in an efficient manner * Design and development of the standardised processes for work within the department. * Cross department workflows and processes Accountable for: * Running the Animation department dailies with the goal being to quality control the output of the department * Ensuring feedback is concise and constructive in directing Artists to reach milestones & show targets. * Approving work that is ready to progress to the next department * Attending VFX Supe dailies and ensuring notes are communicated effectively to the crew * Production Planning Responsibilities Accountable for: * Delivering work on schedule by efficiently managing productivity and cross department communication * Participating in Animation bidding, turnover and asset breakdown meetings alongside the show management team * Collaborate with the department Prod Supe on crew assignments, ensuring work is balanced and appropriately scheduled * Collaborate with the department Prod Supe and Coordinator on defining and presenting targets and milestones * Implementing regular forums for communicating updates to the crew, for example, stand up meetings * Providing accurate time estimations as a basis for delivery plans and schedules for shows Talent Development Responsibilities Accountable for: * Providing accurate and detailed feedback on artists and giving timely feedback to artists to support their growth and development * Collaborating on recruitment together with the HOD/AM, including reviewing applications, interviewing and providing conclusive summaries Training Responsibilities Contributes to: * Planning and delivering training. * Mentorship of Leads and Principal Artists Team Management Responsibilities Accountable for: * Directly managing any leads on the show to subsequently allow them to delegate effectively and do their job to the best of their ability * Identifying senior go-to artists within your team * Assisting the team on any aspect of the work that they are struggling with, either creatively or technically * Creating a strong team culture * Working with the HOD/AM to mentor and support the crew to allow them to reach their short and long term career goals * Identifying talent and performance within the team

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Animation Supervisor (Feature Animation)









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