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Project Manager/Associate Producer


WHAT WE'RE DOING We're looking at creating a robust content offering around fandom, for the series Stargate. Between May and December, we will be creating multiple types of content that include Editorial Articles, Interactive Stories, Original Videos and Podcasts. WHAT THE ROLE IS The Project Manager is the most senior internal team leader in charge of execution for the Stargate Command project. The role splits into 3 key areas: 1. Project Management and Producing: This will involve precise organisation in making sure a weekly schedule of content is delivered on time by a team sitting both internally and externally. 2. UX / Content Design and Upload Management: You'll need to have a professional and creative eye for online and mobile content layouts, good understanding of the written form and creative pacing to help direct video editing all designed to hit a premium standard for our audience. Much of the UX and design skills will rely on mastering a backend CMS. You'll be responsible for the uploading and organising content before it is published on the platform. 3. Account Management: As well as managing a small team of 2, there will be weekly and daily meetings with clients and fellow agencies. Fostering a trusted and professional relationship with the client will make every aspect of this project run smoothly. After the 8 Months: This will be full time employment with all the benefits that come with it. We expect this project to continue way beyond 2019 with this role continuing with it. You can read our growth plan for the role below to understand more about how this role is designed for the long term. What the requirements are on day one? We understand our role is asking a lot, and we know not everyone will possess all experiences and skills. It's hard to have experience in both technology and film production. However, we believe our project is unique and our multi-skilled team will set the blueprint for future roles in media. Therefore, if you don't have 100% direct experience in all categories, we still encourage you to apply. The swing in salary from £35k to £50k will be related to your experience and therefore coverage of the role as set out above. However, attitude and personality are full requirements you'll need on day one. We are a close knit group that operate as an energetic startup. You'll be managing 1 x assistant, directing 5 x freelancers and working alongside 2 x founders who are all trying to achieve something never done before. Your attitude is everything. ATTITUDE REQUIREMENTS (FULLY REQUIRED) High EQ * Managing Down - You'll be managing 1 x assistant and 5 x freelancers. You should be a good listener and generous mentor, like an older brother or sister. * Earning the Respect of Clients - Being a natural people pleaser, you'll play a key role in helping us earn the trust of some of the most influential studio execs in the world. * Managing Up - As one of the senior members of the company, it is imperative you communicate well with the company founders, proactively chasing feedback, helping deliver on the company vision, and generally over communicating. Passion and Vision * Passionate about Stargate - We need to see evidence of pre-existing passion and an eagerness to immerse yourself in all things Stargate and its fandom. You should have a healthy obsession with Sci-Fi. * Passion for The Narrative mission - Understand our vision and how this project has huge potential to change wider industry forever. * Excited on Day 91 - Once you understand the potential of this project, the positive energy we require on a daily basis will come easy for the first 90 days. However, the challenge and self-awareness comes on day 91 and how you continue to be an energy contributor and not an energy drain. High Grit * Be goal obsessed - Appreciating the buzz you get when you're crossing things off your list and achieving the steps to hit a milestone is key. * Have the grit to succeed - Dedicating yourself to the relentless push to get something across the line and knowing the sacrifices made along the way will pay off. * Unwavering Excellence - A natural competitiveness to be the best is healthy here as we are trying to move a big dial. Enjoying the challenge is all part of it. Growth Mindset * Start-up Experience & Growth Hacker Mentality - We have to do things differently. We will only succeed if we use our nimble 'David' advantages over the much bigger 'Goliaths'. Natural willingness to thrive in this environment required. * Lateral Thinking - Being obsessed with online video, audiences and digital media gives yourself the chance to spot trends before they take off. * Openness to adapt - We have to be agile and embrace change. Having an awareness that future plans change and relishing the switch to a new plan is a necessity. * Thirst for knowledge - Show an interest in learning to be a better manager, producer, creator by talking about it, reading about it, and executing on it. Respecting the Process * Planning - It's often so hard to start but knowing that creating a plan and thinking through each step gives you a better chance at success. * Respect the Process - Don't cheat yourself by skipping steps. Things change and you may get to an answer quicker but be honest with yourself if you're cheating the process. * Good at predicting time - We all underestimate the time it takes to do tasks. Be aware to improve this skill. * Excellent note taker - Humans back themselves at remembering conversations. It's awkward to listen and take notes, but being stringent about asking twice and taking detailed notes even at the risk of looking stoopid is mandatory. SKILLS & EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS As mentioned before, we know there is a wide range of skills and experience requirements. The exec team has experience in interactive media and TV production. Therefore, if you don't have perfect experience with everything listed below, please be honest on what you are capable of and the exec team can help make up the missing experience. * Team leadership experience with 2 junior team members * Teaching and mentorship skills * Account management experience as key client liaison * CMS responsibility of content, UX capabilities and publishing * Compiling Reports - Be comfortable with large data sets * Experience in Story Structure (e.g. 5-act structure, 7-steps, etc.) * Editing of grammar and spelling - Articles may be written by amateur fans * Production Manager tasks - manage multiple parallel productions and directing traffic * Create Workflows for team to run more efficiently * Write and manage elements of a weekly newsletter * Plan Content Calendars * Produce Podcast series with external production team TO APPLY FOR THIS POSITION Please apply via ProductionBase with your CV. In your Cover Letter, please provide answers to the following questions: 1. You're expected to be a leader in helping change the industry. What's one area you're particularly passionate about disrupting and give examples of this? 2. Have you ever watched Stargate? If so, where do you rank between not knowing but willing to immerse, and a fan who has watched all series two or more times? 3. Explain a time in your career where you have had to deploy a specific management style to get the best result? How did this style differ from your usual management, if at all? 4. Which of your career experiences would you say is most relevant to this role and why? 5. Tell us about an outside work/school achievement you're proud of that is unique to you? 6. How good are you amongst your peers and what were the milestones to getting there? 7. It's 2 years from now and you've been promoted: What job would that be; what sk

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Project Manager/Associate Producer




£45-54k per annum, pro rated


8 Month Contract



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